About this blog

The point of this thing is threefold:

  • document progress on my various projects, personal and professional
  • talk about crap that matters to me such as cryptography, development, technology and privacy
  • other random stuff that needs more than 160 chars

Projects that matter to me:

  • Restoration of my Storck Aero 2 IS time-trial bicycle storck
  • My journey through mastering functional programming, and hopefully a balanced view on the benefits of thinking functionally over imperative and vice versa
                  /          \
                 /            Procedural
                 \             Logic
                  \           /
  • My road to Ironman South Africa 2015. Training, race preparation, nutrition, equipment, etc. ironman
  • Mods to my Subaru WRX STI 09 Hatchback subaru

Another possible stuff could include:

  • Cryptography 101 stuff - the basics that everyone should know about crypto when building new stuff