Once again, I'm putting myself through the epic Ironman 70.3 race on Sunday in Buffalo City, South Africa (aka. Slummies for all you saffers out there). This year I hope to improve on my time from last year which was a pitiful 6 hours and 40 minutes.

Heres my race plan:
Swimming, starting out on the right side, middle to front of the pack. Taking quite a wide left turn around the first buoy (it was very busy last year and there was huge traffic). Hopefully i'll get a little space by doing that. Going quite quick after the first buoy to get ahead of the unwashed, and then settle into a rhythm for the bulk of the swim. 5 strokes, 1 sighting, hold the line nice and tight. After the last buoy, get the legs kicking a bit stronger to loosen them up a bit. Simple! Im a wily porpoise!

On the bike im gonna start out steady, building up the heartrate slowly. The first 45kms are quite a climb so dont want to go out too hard, but dont want to put myself under stress by going too slow. Slowly grind it out, and overtake the weaker cyclists. Diesel powered submarine. Im gonna use a gelbottle, glugging big sips every 20mins and drinking water throughout. At the turnaround point, grab fresh water and refill everything. Big shot of gelbottle and put the hammer down. Get on those aerobars, and get the pace up. Low slung gravity powered battering-ram!

Shoes and cap on, cruise out of T2 nice and easy, soaking up the energy in the crowd. Focus on shuffling the legs at 90cads. First 2kms is out onto the promenade, onto a nice long pier with ocean on both sides, breathe it all in. Keep the pace steady (no racing) until bunkers hill and climb it very slowly, no walking allowed! Grab liquid at the top and have a friendly chat with someone nearby while slowly getting the pace back up at the top of the hill. Head down, grind it out, build it up and burn it back down (linkin park). Easy going after the turnaround, slightly downhill, take advantage of gravity and step it up a notch. Next lap, hold the pace, slow up bunkers, and then open the flood gates, 5kms left. Cap backwards, feel the deep enduro kicking in, this is easy, and i bet i can go faster. Float and flow.

My target time is around 6h15 in perfect conditions, and I will be very chuffed if I come close to that!