I needed to try and activate my wifes linked Discovery credit card for 3dsecure - and was directed by the call centre that this can only be done through "Discovery Online Banking" which I didn't know existed. So i went through the painful registration process (visit an ATM) and finally got access to the thing. Here is some examples of how bad it is.

Login page:

No styling issues there (not).

Landing page:

Where you cannot actually do anything at all. In fact I don't know what the hell this page is.

Clicking "My Bank Accounts" is better:

Now you get this fancy "Menu" slidey looking thing appear. And of course, clicking that gives you:

Which is exactly what you would expect. A full page menu. Clicking "Menu" again closes it, and of course clicking "Menu" again selects the whole screen:

Super. Ok... so what was I trying to do again? Oh yeah, activate 3dsecure... Where the hell do i find that - they said something about online banking settings. Oh whats that "Online Banking Settings" link at the top, lets click that:

Ooh thats consistent. It's like a tab, except i've still got the My Bank Accounts tab selected. So i guess it's a pop-over, like the fancy "Menu" thing. Except clicking it again doesn't do anything except flash the screen... Ok but back to the mission... 3dsecure... where are you? Permissions maybe? Click that:

Cool! Account level permissions! Except you can't do anything on this page. So I click "Back" on the browser. Oops. Back to the login screen:

Ooh my bad for clicking back. Don't have a clue how browser history works. Ok log back in... This time I don't get the confusing "New Account Added" screen and land directly on the "My Bank Accounts" page. Better. Now i'm getting the hang of this thing. Next time I see that "New Account Added" screen I'll think harder about what it's trying to tell me. Next time.

Hey whats that "My Cards" tab! Thats probably what i'm looking for, because 3dsecure is a card thing! Luckily I've worked with credit card before. Loving the completely different styling from top tab to second level tab. Ok, lets click "My Cards":

Yeah! Now we're rocking! That "Online Secure" thing must be what we want. 3dsecure, online secure, same difference! My wifes card is even there! Click the "Activate Now" button, eagerly awaiting the end of the painful journey to end but ....

Nothing. Click again. Nothing. WTF. Wait a minute, whats the weird purple bar that appeared at the top... "No data returned from request.". Close it with "(x)" and click "Activate Now" button again. Yip there it is again. No data returned from request. W T F. Click the "Activate/Update" link on my own card: "No data returned from request.". FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Click the very consistenly styled "Log Out" button which looks like it was stolen from some other site and get back on the phone with the call centre.

Honestly... could this be the worst online banking site in ZA?